Ayurvedic Solution

The world-class manufacturing establishments with ultra-modern equipment for formulations of ayurvedic solutions, Altis Life Sciences have a total of seven approved sections in their GMP and manufacturing licence provided by the Himachal AYUSH department. Approved sections are Capsule, Tablet, Powder/granules, liquid, Avleha (Prash), oil and ointment. All sections are well-partitioned and have flush doors as per GMP norms. All sections are equipped with modern machinery.

1. Capsule

We are providing the best quality hard-shell capsules for various combinations of various diseases, with the right combination and purest forms of herbs with a capacity of 8 lakh capsules a day.

2. Tablet

Tablets can generally be classified mostly as compressed tablets and moulded tablets. Compressed tablets can also be further classified as compressed tablets, chewable tablets or tablet triturates etc. with a huge capacity of 18 Lacs tablets per day without a single variance.

3. Powder and Granules

The herbal combination is commonly used as the effective substance of the powder, which is highly effective and capable of purification. It is given in water or mixed with milk. We can produce 100 kgs per hour with the capacity of 100 kgs and for Granules, 62 kgs FBD m/c.

4. Liquid

Oral liquids are primarily designed specifically to take care of the critical factors that directly affect the quality of liquids, with a special focus on quality at our liquid manufacturing plants. One of our main products like basil extract.

5. Avleha (Prash)

Avaleh or Prash is also commonly known as Modka, Khanda, Rasayan Leha, etc. It is a semi-solid material of herbal medicines prepared in decoctions or extracts of various medicinal herbs by adding sweetening agents.

6. Oil

According to the Ayurvedic procedure, it is recommended to boil herbal accompaniments, with water, until all the water from the decoction has evaporated, a well-cooked oil should not have any residual moisture. When the hot oil becomes normal, filter it with a muslin cloth and use it when it cools down.

7. Ointment

The ointment is formulated for external use and is intended to be applied to the skin from the outside. Generally, it has an oil-like smooth consistency and can sometimes appear "hard" when applied to the skin, with ointments best known for relieving pain. Our ointment production capacity is 200 kgs per hour.


Altis Life Sciences is an established manufacturer, exporter and supplier, known for offering its clients the finest quality Ayurvedic Products, Herbal Ingredients etc.


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