Third Party Manufacturing

As the world of medicine production becomes more complex and expensive and monitoring the tight delivery times becomes more difficult than ever, many pharmaceutical companies are exploring the benefits of outsourcing manufacturing processes known as contract production which is known as third party manufacturing or contract manufacturing. We have also manufactured the products advised by our clients as per their requirements with a proper contract and predefined delivery timelines.

Altis Life Sciences USP

  • Only standardised herbal extracts are used in the manufacture of the product. All products are prescribed by Ayurvedic specialists and qualified doctors.

  • Clinical trials and studies are conducted throughout the manufacturing process to verify the effectiveness of the product.

  • All products are free of chemicals, preservatives, additives, metals and synthetic active ingredients.

  • All products are 100% natural and vegetarian. The capsule shells used to make the capsules are also completely vegetarian and gelatin-free.

  • The corresponding amount of extract used is always correctly indicated on the product label.

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During Purchase
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Terms and Conditions for Third Party Manufacturing

  1. Terms and Conditions for Third-Party Ayurvedic Products Manufacturing.

  2. Prices of all the products will be at ex-factory rates at Solan and will be exclusive of Insurance, Freight, and GST.

  3. 60% of the advance payment must be done by the purchaser during the order placement and the balance amount is to be paid during product delivery.

  4. The purchaser will have to pay extra charges for Lab Test/ Product Formulation approval every time they demand it.

  5. Product Labels may be designed by the purchaser, or may also be demanded to be done by us at reasonable prices.

  6. Delivery of the products will be done within 21 days of order placement.

  7. Transportation Charges will be paid by the purchaser.


Altis Life Sciences is an established manufacturer, exporter and supplier, known for offering its clients the finest quality Ayurvedic Products, Herbal Ingredients etc.


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